Paper District Planner Program

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Minimum group size
The minimum number of people that have to sign up is 12 and maximum 20. The program will only take place when at least 12 people signed up. When less than 12 people sign up the program will not take place. The payment of the program will start when at least 12 people have signed up. We highly recommend not to buy your flight tickets or book a hotel when we have not confirmed officially the program will take place. We are not responsible for the cancellation costs when you make reservations before we have send the final confirmation message if the program will take place or not. Before January 1 2020 we will let you know (if you signed up) if there are enough people that have signed up and the program will take place.

Program (with reservation) & Information

Wednesday May 27  – Friday May 29 2020

Workshops from Rebeca & Heather and picnic
Today the Happy Planner Rebeca and Heather will give Planner workshops. When the workshops are ending we are going to picnic all together in Central Park (depending on the weather conditions) When the picnic ends you have time-off. 
Instagram Heather Kell:
Instagram Rebeca:

± 9:00 – 16:00 Bus Tour
Today we are going on a private bus tour to different craft stores. Such as Michaels, Joann and Hobby Lobby. We are going to try to visit as many as possible craft stores during the day. During the tour we will stop to give you the opportunity to go for a lunch or buy a lunch (at own cost). After the tour ends you have time-off. (we are back in NYC then)

±  13:30 – 16:00 Workshop Christine at an outside location. (depending on the weather conditions)  Closing the planner program with a talk. After this activity the planner program is over and you have time-off.
Instagram Christine: 

When we know how much people are joining the program we will make a final detailed program.

Price for the program: 670 euro (

Included in the price:

  • Planner Workshops  from Rebeca, Heather & Christine.
  • Products for the workshops
  • Bus tour Craft Stores 
  • Picnic in Central Park

Attention: Flight tickets and hotel are not included in the price.

It is very important that you only start booking your tickets and hotel when we have send the final message with us confirming that the program will take place. We are not responsible for the cancellation costs when you buy a ticket or book a hotel before the confirmation that the program will take place.

A travel insurance is required when you participate in the program. We are not in any way responsible for damage or theft during the program. Also we highly recommend a cancellation insurance. 

Program conditions

Cancellation conditions
It is required to have a travel insurance and we highly recommend a cancellation insurance.Unforeseen force majeure or health situations can be a reason to cancel the program from your side. You have the right to cancel the the booked trip by email. The cancellation conditions applied by Paper District per traveler are as follows:

1) Cancellation from booking up to 150 days before departure: 10% of the travel sum.

2) Cancellation from 149 days up to 90 days before departure: 20% of the travel sum.

3) Cancellation from 89 up to 60 days before departure: 40% of the travel sum.

4) Cancellation from 59 up o 28 days before departure 60% of the travel sum.

5) Cancellation from 28 up to 14 days before departure, 80% of the travel sum.

6) Cancellation from 14 days before departure the full travel sum.

A good cancellation insurance will cover these costs in most of the cases.

Travel insurance
A good travel insurance is part of a carefree trip. An accident can happen in a second, even when traveling. Because the costs can sometimes be very high in such situations a good travel insurance is strongly recommended. We are in no way responsible for health complaints, damage or theft. It is therefore required to have a travel insurance.

Invoice and booking registration confirmation
After signing up for the program you will receive the registration confirmation by e-mail within 24 hours. As soon as we have at least 12 registrations before January 1 2020, the program will take place and you will receive a message from us. The first payment for the program will also take place when you receive the final confirmation and first invoice. It is important that you check the complete registration carefully whether your details are correct. Your entered data must exactly match your passport. It is necessary that you have a valid passport.

The first payment is 50% of the total travel sum. This amount must be paid within 14 days after receiving the invoice. The remaining amount of the travel sum must be paid no later than 8 weeks before departure. If you prefer to pay the entire amount in one part after receiving the invoice, that is also possible.

Flight Tickets & Hotel
Flight tickets and hotel are not included in the price.

Travel documents
An ESTA visa is required for travel to the United States of America. If you don’t have an ESTA, you are not allowed to enter the USA. The ESTA can be requested online. We will give clear instructions on how and where you can apply for an ESTA visa. A valid passport is required.

Contact for the trip
Amber van Blitterswijk, from Paper District, will accompany you during the entire program. Contact details will be shared with you prior to the trip so that you can contact her before and during the tour.

Personal expenses and currency 
In the program description it is indicated which expenses are included in the price. Personal matters, such as insurance, visa costs, flight ticket, hotel, money for personal expenses, food and drinks are not included. These costs come on top of the entire amount for the program . Bear in mind that prices in New York, such as food and drinks, can be more expensive than you are used to in the country you live in. In addition, the prices are in dollars. To convert these prices you can visit the website The dollar exchange rate changes per day, the dollar may be worth more or less by the time the program takes place. It is important that you always have enough cash with you or have a credit card with you. This is important because it is not possible to pay with a debit card in all shops or restaurants. It is also important that you activate “worldwide payment” on your debit card. Be well prepared financially so that you will not be confronted with surprises.

Food and Drinks
During the program food and drinks are not included. During your stay in New York you will have enough time and opportunities to buy food, drinks and snacks. 

Book the program

Do you want to book the program after reading the information and the conditions? Then fill in the sign up form! You can find the form to click on the url below. This signup is binding and when we know that the program will officially take place there will be a payment obligation. Do you have questions about the program? You can email us to We love to help out!