Summer spread in my mini social media planner

By Cindy ( @Happy_Planner_Cindy )

In the past I only used a classic planner. Everything I have to plan for work and myself fits in it. But I wanted more so I thought it would be good to use a mini planner for on the go. I bought an undated horizontal mini planner so I could start directly. But in real life I didn’t use the mini planner a lot for on the go. It was too small to write everything in with al my to do’s and appointments, so I still take my classic planner with me. My mini planner was a little bit sad… I decorated it, planned my things and the next time I opened the planner was the week after when I wanted to plan again. I was thinking how I could solve it and I had the great idea to use the mini planner for social media. I want to post everyday on Instagram so I have to remember what I want to post which day. I have a lot of to do’s like making spreads and take pictures. I also have to do’s for the Planner Squad so enough for a mini planner!My new mini planner starts in July, but I couldn’t wait so I started in the middle of June with my undated mini planner.

Today I want to show you how I decorated the week of June 24 till June 30 in my mini planner and I’m using the Simple Stories Sunshine and Blue Skies collection. It will be a very hot week so I thought it was perfect to use this colorful summer collection! 
This spread is not very difficult, but different from my other spreads. I like to go out of my comfort zone and I think it turned out well! The things I used:
– My mini horizontal planner (you can also use a vertical planner of a classic/big planner)

– Two kinds of double sided 12×12 paper sheets, Simple Stories Sunshine and Blue Skies

– Sticker sheet of the set Simple Stories Sunshine and Blue Skies

– The Happy Planner Journaling value pack

– Small washi tape

– Compass-


– Glue

For this spread I wanted to use paper. I don’t do this often, but this collection has such great paper that I really wanted to use it. My thought was to make circles in different sizes and spread them over both of the pages. With a compass I made different circles and cut them out with a scissor. If you make different sizes and different papers it’s more fun.

Now it’s time to bring the circles to the pages and move them around until you are satisfied with the positions. I think this was the most difficult part, because I wanted them to cover all the names of the days.

 When I was satisfied with the positions I din’t like the red stripes on the page. It don’t match at all! So I chose a peach colored washi tape to cover the red lines. Yes, it came more together!

I glued all the circles on the page and chose seven banner-like stickers from the Journaling sticker book for my planning every day. I post one picture a day on Instagram so I only need one box a day. One circle didn’t cover up the whole word ’Saturday’, but I fixed it later with a sticker.

I placed the banner-like boxes on each day in different ways and covered up the part of ’Saturday’. I always want a to do list for that week and I’m so happy there’s room under Sunday to make notes etc. I picked a bigger box from the Journaling sticker book and placed it at the bottom of the page. Looks cute right?

I wanted a little bit more fun on the pages and I missed the dates on each day. So I used some dates stickers in a playful way, added a ’to do’ sticker on the big box, some bullet points for my to do list and a few summery text stickers from the Simple Stories collection. At last I thought the to do list was a little bit boring so I colored the bullet points with three color pencils.

And there you have the summery social media spread! Maybe a little bit busy, but I like that! I don’t have a lot to write in the mini planner so I can go all the way with decorating. 

I hope you enjoyed to plan this summery spread with me! Will you also make a summery spread this summer?
Have a happy day!