Some weeks in my Happy Planner

By Rowie (@Creative_Rowie on Instagram)

In this blog I’m going to tell you about the last four weekly spreads I made in my classic vertical happy planner. I really love the rainbow spread and in the next four spreads you can see lots of rainbow colors. I always love using the middle boxes of the page for lots of stickers. I saw lots of people using the craft supplies stickers and at that moment I knew I really wanted to create such a page too.

Miss Maker Layout
How did I start creating this week? I started with the two boxes stickers on the middle left and right. Then I started filling the middle boxes with all the cute craft stickers. Then I started decorating the top – I work at a different location every day – so I want to have enough space to write my hours and locations. So I got some colorful boxes and put them on the top of the page. I choose colors that match with the rainbow. At the end I also wanted to create space for my to-do list everyday. So I got some to-do stickers from the miss maker stickerbook (not available in europe), also in rainbow colors of course, and put them on the bottom boxes of the page. At the end I added some extra stickers for special appointments this week. Like my boyfriend who went on a ski trip for a few days, so I added a little sticker on the bottom of each day.

Rainbow Layout
For the second week I was in a rainbow mood as well, so I decided to create another rainbow themed spread. I always have lots of circle stickers in my value packs and I really don’t know how to use them, so I decided I had to create something with them. So I thought: “Why not use as many circle stickers as I can?” I started looking through all my value packs and found the stickers in all different colors! I put them down (again in the middle row of the page haha) in the colors of the rainbow!

Tiny Icons Value Pack Layout
For the third week I thought: “I have lots of stickers I really love but I don’t know when to use them.” I looked on Instagram and went on a hunt for inspiration. Then I came by a pic of someone who used the tiny stickerbook and created such a colorful spread with so many stickers. I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to create a spread as this one. I got some washi tape to mark the middle row (TIP: I often use correction tape or fluid to whiten the space underneath the sticker or washi so you don’t see any words or black lines through the sticker). Then I got my tiny craft scissors and started to cut stickers in half so I could use them on the edges of the pages and boxes. I love to see how my spread came together and became more and more colorful. I used all kinds of happy stickers like diamonds, pancakes, palm trees, emoji, cherries and clouds.

Spring Fling Layout
For the fourth week I wanted to use supplies which are not from MAMBI. So I got the Spring Fling collection from Doodlebug. It has such a cute cardstock sheet with all kinds of tiny spring themed illustration. I measured how big the piece of paper had to be to cover the whole middle row of boxes. Then I cut it and glued it onto the page with double sided tape. To add some more color to the page I got the colorful boxes value pack and got boxes in all kinds of happy colors and put them on the top row. Here can I write all my work appointments. On the bottom row I created to-do lists for everyday, once again in a rainbow theme .

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