Selfcare Reminder sheet

By Cindy ( @happy_planner_cindy on instagram)

My selfcare reminder in a few steps:
Everybody is busy these days and so am I. A company, a kid, family, friends, household, 8 cats, it’s all part of my busy life. Sometimes I forget to take care of myself, to be aware of myself. Of course I try to eat healthy, to relax so now and then but sometimes even this is difficult on busy days. So I decided to be more aware of myself and made a Selfcare Reminder. Every day I will look at this creation, read all the things so it will remind me of all the good things to take care of myself. I used the new Wellness stickers because they are prefect for selfcare and I’m in love with the soft colors! In a few steps I will show you how I made my Selfcare Reminder.

What did I used?
– Happy Planner dot grit paper, classic size (this one is from the Happy Notes ‘One of a Kind’)
– Happy Planner Value Pack stickers ‘Journaling’
– Happy Planner Value Pack stickers ‘Wellness’
– Black pen

The Steps:
First I made the title with a journaling sticker, some alphabet stickers and handwriting (not the best) Easy peasy! If you want to recreate this and you don’t have alphabet stickers you can write it with a black pen. It’s fun to use different fonts!

The next step was more difficult because I had to think how I want to make the reminder. I started with a little sticker from the Wellness sticker book, ‘BE BRAVE’. Sometimes you have to be very brave to take care of yourself! 😉 From there I wanted to make four subjects with in every subject some to do’s. I made the subjects with four big circles from the Journaling sticker book. I used some funny arrows leading from the the ‘Be Brave’ sticker to the subjects. For me it says: “Be brave and follow the arrows!” 

The four subjects in my reminder are:
– No screen time
– Me time- Go outside
– Eat well
In every circle I used one sticker to name the subject. Then I added stickers for my to do’s and some small stickers to fill up some white space and make it more fun.

I finished the reminder but it was a little bit boring and there was some white space left on the bottom of the page. I also need some motivation so I decided to use more stickers. In the left corner I used a sticker with five daily reminders. I think it’s very good for my self confidence. You know, self confidence is also good for selfcare! In the middle and on the right side I used only stickers to motivate and remind myself of all the positive and importent things in life. I really like the right corner with all the circle stickers!

My Selfcare Reminder is done and I’m very happy with it! I really like this page and it’s very easy to use it every day. I like the colors from these stickers, both of the sticker books are amazing!

How do you take care of of your self? Are you very good in it or do you need a reminder? If you do then I hope my Selfcare Reminder gives you some inspiration!
Have a happy day!