April Monthly

By Patricia (@happy_patries on Instagram)

It’s time to decorate the new month. Let’s have some tea, my planner and grab some stickers.

For this month I use the following stickerbooks; squad goals, colorful boxes 2 and gold star quotes. No washi, because in the squad goals books there are a few cute ‘washi’ stripe stickers.

First I’m putting boxes on the dates that I have appointments or meetings. This works the best for me. I have a good view of my month and can see if there is going to be a busy week ahead. It also remembers me to schedule me-time in busy weeks!

Time to decorate. I use an empty stickerpage to put on all the stickers I think I’m going to use in my spread. The empty page helps me al lot with the search for the right colors and stickers!

Sticking stickers isn’t going always very well, sometime I have to take them off the paper and stick them again. Had to laugh that it happend with this sticker! My paper even get ripped, but that’s okay. Just put a sticker on top of it!

I love the mini planners stickers and stick them over the edge of the page. I cut them off at the edge of the paper. I think this looks so cute!

Stickers I haven’t used I put back in my stickerbook. So that I can use them in another spread.

Almost done, getting rid off all the sticky notes. I always use sticky notes for future appointments. Before I plan I normally take a picture of all the sticky notes in my planner so I can easily fill in my month after I’m done decorating the page.

So and I’m finished! I like it, very simple, not to much stickers, so it’s very usable. I hope you like my step by step instructions! Do you wanna see more of my creations check my Instagram: happy_patries and if you want to buy something at the webshops use the code: happypatricia for 10% off! How lovely!